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Honeybee hard at work pollinating: Almonds, California

Insect Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants by S.E. McGregor, USDA Originally published 1976 The most up to date and comprehensive infomation on pollination requirements and techniques for your crop. The Pollination recommendations and practices for the crops are listed under each veriety and almost at the end of their individual pages. I reference this guide for all my pollination projects.See also Almonds Melons Sunflowers Pumpkins and Squash AlfalfaHave you tried our 12 flavors of creamed honey yet?, or our honey butter and liquid honey or comb?. Which one are you going to try?. We Also have Lib Balm, skin car, products and candles. Looking for Beekeeping equipment?

Have you seen our honey commercial?Just in case you missed it here it is! It was a lot of fun to make. Check it out.The store is open 10am-6pm Tue-Sat.Beekeeping Classes Starting soon!!!