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Beekeeping Supplies

Start your beehive off right, or maintain your current beehive, with products and assistance from Copocos Honey. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and in business since 2005, we are a beekeeping and honey products supply store equipped with the products you need to start or maintain a beehive.

Build your beehive with our individual parts or kits. From frames, frame bars and foundation supplies to hive bodies, supers and nails, we offer everything required for you to build your own hive. There are even kits for you to purchase a fully assembled frame.

Browse our protective equipment to keep yourself safe while beekeeping. With veils, gloves, helmets and leggings to full suits, you can better care for your hive and bees. We also offer smokers and treatments as well as hive and harvesting tools. Need feeders or food? We have you covered. Be sure to also check out our queen related items and other miscellaneous equipment.

We would love to answer any questions you have about beekeeping or to help you pick the best products for you. Give us a call at 970.493.2923 to get started.

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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Mesh Bags - For Menthol
Mesh Bags - For Menthol
Our Price: 0.12

Empty bags for use with bulk Mite-A-TholĀ®. (DC-215)
Ross Round Replacement Springs
Ross Round Replacement Springs
Our Price: 0.75

Ross Round Replacement Springs
Hive Body Nails
Our Price: 0.99

Hive Body Nails, enough for one deep hive body.
Frame Nails
Our Price: 0.99

Enough HD-220 for ten frames.
Replacement Lids - Entrance Feeder
Our Price: 1.00

Replacement lid for Boardman Feeder (FD-100) with perforations to allow syrup through.
Our Price: 1.29

Hand held manual spark lighter
Entrance Reducer
Our Price: 1.50

Entrance reducers come with to opening sizes.
Rite-Cell Foundation
Waxed RitecellĀ® Foundation - Black - 5 5/8" - Each
Our Price: 1.75

Rite-Cell Foundation is made from Food Grade Plastic!

   Requires no reinforcement
   Slips easily into a groove top frame
   Sharper cell edges for quick acceptance
   Wax moths cannot damage
   Textured cell interior

   Available with or without a 100% beeswax coating
   Deeper cell depth with highest definition
   Heavy weight plastic holds up to years of extracting

Our sheets are longer and
stronger to insure they will stay
in your frame during extracting.

Call for unwaxed foundation.