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Welcome to our Honey Store!

Have you been here before?

Yes? Welcome back! Let us know how we can help you.

No? Well, Welcome to our little slice of heaven!! We have several varieties of honey to sample on location ranging from 12 flavors of creamed honey, all kinds of liquid honey and even on occasion comb honey. Which one are you going to try? We also have Lip Balm, skin care products, candles and an amazing assortment of locally produced items. You are sure to find something here if you are looking for a special gift or just something for yourself.


If you come across a cluster of bees please call 970-493-2923 and we will
get someone out directly to pick them up for you free of charge. We have an extensive list of beekeepers all over the Front Range that are eager to help
save our little fuzzy insect friends so please contact us as soon as you see
it and we will do the rest. Thank you for contributing to saving the Honeybees!

Bee Packages

Bee Package ordering is SOLD OUT for 2016. If you are interested in purchasing a package please call for availability or to be put on our wait list.

Information for the packages:

Breed: Italian Hygienic Bees
Package size: 3# bees with mated queen
Price: $120.00 for package
Pick Up Date: April 23rd and 24th - 8a-6p
Payment Deadline: APRIL 8TH, 2016
Discount: -$3.00/package with purchase of 6 or more

PHONE at 970.493.2923


NUCS ARE SOLD OUT FOR 2016. Supplier will be the same as past years and is Colorado based with California queens.

Price: $180.00
Delivery: We received a small shipment 5-23-16, if you are interested in getting on the list please call 970.493.2923 to see if we have any left. :0)

Have you seen our commercial?

Just in case you missed it here it is! It was a lot of fun to make, check it out.

Year Round Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm

Beekeeping Classes

We hold a hands on beekeeping class yearly for anyone that is interested in becoming a beekeeper or would just like to learn more about bees and beekeeping. If you are interested please feel free to stop by the store or call 970-493-2923 for more information.

2016 Class Schedule:

April 9th - Full
April 10th - Full
April 16th - Availability

Cost: $100.00/person or $125/family -
Price Includes one book and 10% off first
equipment purchase

Rewards Program

We are excited to announce we have launched our rewards program to show our customers how much we appreciate your continued business. You get 1 point per $1.00 spent that is redeemable for store credit. Just register today and start accumulating points to use. You can either register online or come see us on location and we will get you all set. You can also have peace of mind we won't be selling your information! Welcome to the Copoco's Honey family!

Beekeeper Justice

We are still fighting for justice and will always continue to do so. We would love your support, please donate if you can.

God Bless your life.

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